HamSphere 3.0 Contest Calendar
NameHamSphere Christmas contest 2013
DescriptionThe HamSphere DXHC DX HamSphere Club has the honour to invite amateurs and enthusiast to participate in the annual XMAS-Contest.
ModePhone (DSB)
BandsPhone: 40m, 80m
RulesWork as many stations as possible on 40 and 80m. Multiplier for dual band QSO.

Score CalculationTotal score = total QSO points x multipliers
Max Power300W (POWER LEVEL 7)
ExchangeRS + QSO No.
QSO PointsEach completed QSO counts 1 point
MultipliersPrefixes, once per band
Start date UTC2013-12-26 08:30
End date UTC2013-12-26 10:59
Log deadline UTC2013-12-31 23:59
Results15HS393 SWITZERLAND 1377 points, 13HS1791 GERMANY 1222 points, LY3BHY LITHUANIA 1176 points