HamSphere 3.0 Contest Calendar
NameHamSphere CW QRP Party Autumn 2012
This Sprint is designed to encourage CW operators that are new to the world of QRP Contests 1500Z to 1800Z on 27 October 2012
RulesMax 1 watt and side band injection of ALC 1.5 is allowed. Any user using higher input will be disqualified.
Score CalculationTotal score = total QSO points
Max Power1 watt and 1.5 ALC (Power setting 0)
ExchangeRST + (state/province/country)
QSO Points1 point per QSO
Start date UTC2012-10-27 15:00
End date UTC2012-10-27 18:00
Log deadline UTC2012-11-04 18:00
Results1st, 43HS031 shared with PA3CWG, Australia, 9 points 2nd, UT1ZZ, Ukraine, 8 points 3rd, EX0O, KYRGYZSTAN, 7 points