HamSphere 3.0 Contest Calendar
Name50 Plus Club 2nd Year Annivesary Contest
DescriptionThis contest is to promote ACTIVITY on HamSphere 3 with operators located around the world.
Bands6m Band ONLY using all the Frequencies on the 6m band.
Rules(1) Each operator of HamSphere 3. 50 Plus Club members to Download the Contest 50 Plus QSL card for there country flags, from the club Facebook page of 50 Plus club. See the Photo Album listing. Operator are then to Edit QSL cards with Call sign, Name, 50 Plus number #??? in the Boxes on the QSL card. Then Edit the REPORT BAR with the RED drag and Drop boxes on HamSphere editor section. ONLY Size 7 Text boxes on the report bar due to space on report bar if there are larger call signs and operators name it fits in at size 7 text.

Any operator NOT able to Edit the card main contest section boxes (ie. Call sign. name..50 plus number #??? contact M6YYU Fred at Club email fiftyplusclub1@outlook.com) which will be returned and then the edit section report bar added by them.

There will be a SAMPLE EDIT QSL CARD to look at on the Facebook page too.

(2) Collect 50 Plus Club CONTEST QSL cards only..
You need to QSO with the 1st member of The country. (example 50 Plus member #03. 2HS3199 Gary USA or 50 Plus #06 43HS710 Steve Australia.)

You can find all the first in country members in the members listings in the files section on club Facebook page.
We have 63 countries in 50 Plus club listings. So with the HELP of these members from their country, 50 contest QSLs
are needed for the 1st Prize (see prize list below). Only one Winner with the amount of 1st in country cards..

(3) 40 Contest QSLs needed for 2nd Prize (only one 2nd prize).

(4) 30 Contest Qsls for 3rd Prize (only one 3rd prize).

(5) Runner up Prizes of under 30 Contest Qsl cards with be sent out after the QSL cards received in Email to club fiftyplusclub1@outlook.com

(6) 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes go to the operators that send in the confirmed QSL cards from the contest to the club Email.
Which will be Checked for the award prize. So if you are slow to send in 50 1st in country cards it may mean you are not the winner.

It is first to be checked at the awards section.

1st place - Award Certificate .. Plus HamSphere FREE membership for the next year..
2nd place - Award Certificate.. Plus HamSphere credit 20 Euros for HS4 plugins.
3rd place - Award Certificate.. Plus a 50 Plus Club T-Shirt with Logo and HamSphere Logo. (This I need your size and address for posting)
RUNNER UP PRIZES.. for under 30 Contest QSL cards... Award Certificate..
Score CalculationSee above
Max Power300W (POWER LEVEL 7)
ExchangeSee above
QSO PointsSee above
Start date UTC2018-11-17 00:01
End date UTC2018-11-18 23:59
Log deadline UTC2018-11-25 00:00