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NameHamSphere 3.0 Christmas contest 2017
DescriptionThe HamSphere DXHC DX HamSphere Club has the honor to invite amateurs and enthusiast to participate in the annual XMAS-Contest.
Bands40m and 80m
RulesEach station may be worked one time on 3.5 MHz and one time on 7 MHz.
The station calling CQ must QSY after the QSO, leaving the frequency to the station which answered his/her call.
Score CalculationTotal score = total QSO points x multipliers
Max Power300W (POWER LEVEL 7)
ExchangeRS + QSO No.
QSO PointsEach completed QSO counts 1 point
MultipliersPrefixes, once per band
Start date UTC2017-12-26 08:30
End date UTC2017-12-26 10:59
Log deadline UTC2017-12-27 00:00
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