HamSphere 3.0 Contest Calendar
NameDXHC SSTV Contest
DescriptionHamSphere DX Club proudly presents the annual SSTV contest
ModeSSTV Digital and Analog
Bands30 Meter
RulesFrom Sept 14th 2012 (16:00 UTC) to Sept 16th (21:00 UTC)
A station may only be worked once each UTC day.
Score CalculationThe final score is computed by multiplying the sum of the QSO points by the sum of multipliers as described in Paragraph 5.
Max Power100 watts
ExchangeExchange the usual RSV plus a progressive QSO number starting with 001 which should be displayed in the picture exchange.
QSO PointsIf possible, during the exchange, include ones own face picture or some kind of illustration.

QSO points authorized by picture quality

5 Points : Flawless picture
4 Points : 1-5 dropout lines
3 Points : 5 + dropout lines

Start date UTC2012-09-14 16:00
End date UTC2012-09-16 21:00
Log deadline UTC2012-09-23 21:00
Results#1 = 50HS1308, #2 = 1HS1926, #3 = 1HS1977