HamSphere 3.0 Contest Calendar
DescriptionContest arranged by Jerry N1TKO in Early 2009
ModeAll modes
BandsAll bands
RulesLogs are accepted in the following format:
1. Call sign of station worked
2. Name of operator
3. QTH
4.Time start of QSO (IN UTC) confirm with other station
5. Date
6. Frequency
7. Points
8. Bonus

Logs must be received before 12:00 on January 23, 2010.

No contacts after 02:00UTC on Sunday will be excepted. A message in the Chat Box or DX Cluster will be sent every 5 minutes for 30 minutes before the contest starts and 10 minutes before the contest ends. Contest Committee members will be monitoring the bands for calls being made before and after the contest starts. Please follow the rules.
In the event that no one makes 500 contacts the top 25 stations will be awarded a Certificate suitable for framing.

Score Calculation
Max Power1500 watts
QSO PointsPoint system:
1 Point per contact per band. You can work the same station for a point on any of the Hamsphere Bands; 6m,10m,11m,15m,17m,20m,30m,40m,80m and 160m. So you can get 10 points if you work the same station on each band.
To add a little more interest, here are a few countries to look for to get Bonus Points.
Bonus Points:
4 Points for Mexico (10HSXX) Station (XA,XI ham prefix)
4 Points for Puerto Rico (11HSXX) Station (KP3,KP4 ham prefix)
4 Points for Jamaica (23HSXX) Station (6Y ham prefix)
5 Points for Saudi Arabia (48HSXX) Station (HZ,7Z ham prefix)
5 Points for India (57HSXX) (VU ham prefix)
5 Points for China (60HSXX) Station (BX,BZ ham prefix)
5 Points for Pakistan (114HSXX) Station (AP,AS ham prefix)
5 Points for U.A.E. (94HSXX, 93HS A6) Station (HZ ham prefix)
5 Points for Thailand (154HS---) (HS,E2 ham prefix)
(Note: Work KF5GV/HS2 in Thailand and get special QSL Card)
20 Points for any AERONAUTICAL MOBILE Contact
5 Points for N1TKO..............Jerry
5 Points for 2HS415.............Jeremy
5 Points for VE3JAR..............Vic
10 Points for 5B4AIT............ Kelly
10 Points For 110HS101
10 Points for Island Of GozoHint... 9H4CM (9H4 ham prefix)
If there is an additional prefix for any of the countries above, we will add those points for you.
Your log MUST contain the following information when you send it in. Be sure to send us YOUR call sign. Using the free log book will make things easier for everyone!
Start date UTC2009-01-09 00:00
End date UTC2009-01-09 00:00
Log deadline UTC2009-01-23 12:00
ManagerJerry, N1TKO
Results30HS142 - SERGIO - 227 Points VK4FPDW - PAUL - 196 Points(late entry) KF5GV - RICK - 186 Points VU2USA - SAM - 168 Points AB9B - TOM 165 Points VE3JAR - VIC - 108 Points N1TKO - JERRY - 84 Points 1HS104 - STEFANO - 60 points KE4HCQ - RAY -