HamSphere 3.0 Contest Calendar
Name4th of July Contest 2010
DescriptionTo open the contest to more stations and more of a point spread, We have modified the contest to:

Any US station is worth 2 points and the 13 original colonies (states) are mutipliers(bonus)

The contest will be open to ALL Hamsphere operators.

The contest will be 4th of July , 2010 weekend.

The contest will begin at 1000 hrs UTC(600 a.m. EDST) Friday July 3rd,2010 and run until 0400hrs UTC(1200 a.m. EDST) Monday, July 5th,2010

The contest will be to make Hamsphere contacts with any station in the 50 US states with each of the original 13 US colonies as multipliers (Bonus Points).

Select cities from the original 13 colonies will be multipliers (Bonus Points).

If you live in one of the original 13 colonies(States) and would like to be a multiplier qso, or anyone with additional ideas, e-mail me at wx4pbc@yahoo.com
ModeDSB(phone) and or CW
BandsHamsphere bands 6m thru 160m
Rules#1 Rule: Have fun and meet new people !

All points and mutiplier states and cities will be on contest log.
Logs must contain Date & Time in UTC

Logs must be e-mailed to wx4pbc@yahoo.com by 0400 hrs UTC July 19th , 2010

For list of Bonus States and cities, visit Hamsphere 4th of July Contest

Score CalculationAssorted points for bouns cities. (Points between 5 and 15 bounis points) (stations may be worked and counted for each band and each mode DSB and CW)
Max Power
ExchangeUS Stations: Call, 1st Name, State, City if Bonus City, Non-US Stations: UTC, Call, 1st Name, Country.
QSO Points1 point per US state per QSO per band per mode ( station may be worked and counted for each band and each mode DSB or CW)

Multipliers(bonus) 2 points per below listed colony per QSO per band per mode (station may be worked and counted for each band and each mode DSB or CW)

Start date UTC2010-07-03 10:00
End date UTC2010-07-05 04:00
Log deadline UTC2010-07-19 04:00