HamSphere 3.0 Contest Calendar
DescriptionYou are invited to the HamSphere QSO Challenge.


Contest starts 1400 UTC and ends 1800 UTC Sunday 14th september 2008.


Logs should show Date, Band, Mode, Frequency, Time in UTC, Station worked, Exchange sent and received

Email logs to: logs@hamsphere.com

Certificates suitable for framing will be awarded to the highest score.


Questions may be sent to contest@hamsphere.com

This is the first time we try something like this.
Due to the nature of the HamSphere system based on heavy digital audio processing, you may experience lagging or gaps in audio during the contest period. This is fully normal and the system is capable of handling over 100 simultaneos users at once. But congestions may occur. The system may also be restarted during the session. Please have patience!

We suggest that you check your equipment before the contest starts. We know that some of you still have problems using the system with messages like "System offline due to maintenance". These are Internet/port/firewall related problems and can be solved.
ModeSSB, CW, Digital
BandsHamsphere virtual 80 and 40 meter bands
RulesSuggested Frequencies:
Any frequencies except markers 7005, 7090, 3705, 3790 kHz

Single-Operator, All Bands

The same station may be worked for QSO points on each band on Phone, CW, and Digital.

Score CalculationTotal = QSO points from all bands X total multipliers.
Max Power
ExchangeStations send: RS(T) and serial number starting with 001
QSO Points2 points for Phone QSOs on 40 meters
3 points for Phone QSOs on 80 meters
4 points for CW and digital QSOs any bands.
MultipliersEach Multiplier may be counted ONLY ONCE regardless of mode or band.
Start date UTC2008-09-14 14:00
End date UTC2008-09-14 18:00
Log deadline UTC2008-09-21 18:00