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NameCANADA Thanksgiving QSO Party 2012
Stations work as many Canadian stations in as many Canadian Provinces as possible and gain multipliers.

Stations may also work other non Canadian stations but without gaining any multipliers.

CALL AREAS & Abbreviation:
HamSphere 9HS Division
VE1,VA1 [NS] Nova Scotia,
VE1,VA1,VE9 [NB] New Brunswick,
VE1,VY2 [PE] Prince Edward ISland,
VE2,VA2 [QC] Quebec,
VE3,VA3 [ON] Ontario,
VE4,VA4 [MB] Manitoba,
VE5,VA5 [SK] Saskatchewan,
VE6,VA6 [AB] Alberta,
VE7,VA7 [BC] British Columbia,
VO1,VO2 [NL] Newfoundland and Labrabor,
VE8,VY1,VY0 [NT] Northwest Territories,
ModeVoice (DSB)
Bands15,17, 20
Score CalculationSCORE: The total score is the total number of QSO points multiplied by the total number of multipliers. (11 maximum)
Max Power300 watts
ExchangeCanadian stations send Signal Report, QSO number and Province. Stations outside of the Canada send Signal Report and QSO number
QSO PointsEach complete non-duplicate Microphone contact with a station = 1 point.
MultipliersCount Canadian Provinces for a maximum of 11 multipliers
Work a station on 2 bands: Multiplier = 2
Work a station on 3 bands: Multiplier = 3
Start date UTC2012-10-06 14:00
End date UTC2012-10-06 23:59
Log deadline UTC2012-10-15 00:00
Results1st, 2HS9312, UNITED STATES, 204960 points 2nd, 50HS100, RUSSIAN FEDERATION, 201600 points 3rd, LY3BHY, LITHUANIA, 157500 points
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