How do I load the new HS 4.007 on my Mac computer?
2015-06-11 22:37
If you are a Mac user and your having problems opening the program. Here are helpful

steps to open this fantastic software. HS 4 opens differently then HS 3 does. You must use Terminal to open the program.

Hello fellow Mac user.

1) go to finder

2) go to downloads on downloads

3) see: hamsphere_4.007 native Click on it

4) see the top one called hamsphere_4.007. Click on it.

5) see box to the right which has a brown looking package with big letters saying ...RAR.... right click on it.

6) go to Open with

7) you will see... TERMINAL... click on it and HamSphere will start to open there you are....follow instructions with logging in with your HS 3 call sign and password.

8) if you don't see..... TERMINAL.... click on.... OTHER.... go to... UTILITIES..... go to.... TERMINAL and click on it to open ....follow instructions log in with your HS 3 call sign and password

9) remember to read the Simple Users Manual. Perhaps make a hard copy to refer to.

10) When to click on Transceiver to open it you get this box that says...Select Transceiver...check Default Transceiver... then click OK!

Now read, read, read the manual lots of your questions will be answered from the pages of this manual. Remember the default transceiver

Already comes with a great free antenna..IDC antenna. Because this antenna doesn't rotate you don't need a antenna selector and a antenna

Rotator. Check your Voacap chart and see what bands are open and pick a open band select a frequency and start calling cq. Enjoy!!

Suport team